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Strategy Overview

The main objective of SALIC is to create a series of sustainable agricultural investments in multiple geographic areas that start from agricultural fields and continue with trade and distribution. This will lead SALIC to invest in wholly-owned projects, as well as to enter into alliances and contracts with other specialized companies, either to establish and set up new projects or in joining existing projects or business activities.

The business strategy of SALIC is to focus on the twelve essential food goods identified for investment purposes. We invest in countries and regions exporting one or more of the earmarked food goods through projects that benefit all parties involved.

The investment strategy of SALIC is based on inspection, review and evaluation of investment opportunities and related value adding activities which determine investment destinations and the selection of partners.

Our investment journey passes six investment stages: (1) searching and selecting the country, the region and the related investment opportunities focused on the food goods identified by us; (2) conduct the feasibility study on these investments and (3) define partnerships and (4) establish the contracting of investment projects, (5) determine the project strategy and (6) design effective measures of risk management, as we constantly monitor the performance of these projects.