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Partnership Standards with SALIC
With a global reach, SALIC invests in agricultural projects in collaboration with companies (public or private) that work in the fields of the twelve essential food goods: wheat, barley, corn, soya beans, rice, sugar, vegetables oils, green fodder, red meat, poultry, milk products and aquaculture. The company is always keen to cooperate and partner with institutions, companies or individuals who embrace the principles of ethical and responsible investment. Mutual trust, integrity and commitment to a shared vision are the main ingredients of partnerships with SALIC.

SALIC always seeks to enter into partnerships and strategic alliances with countries, institutions and companies that are committed to invest in any of twelve essential food goods, by thoroughly assessing strengths of potential partners in any part of the agricultural investment and livestock production and supply chain. Their reputation, technical expertise and financial abilities are important to SALIC.

Partnerships we hold with local, regional and international companies or institutions are aimed at additional funding and investment to leverage agricultural investments and livestock production.

SALIC continuously conducts talks and workshops with potential partners from around the world, and our competent investment team evaluates investment opportunities according to the approved strategic objectives of SALIC.

If you are interested to know how to engage in investments or in partnerships with SALIC, please send an email