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Our Value Chain
Our Value Chain Description
Inputs & farming High quality agricultural inputs are essential to achieve optimum farm yields, and SALIC’s goal is to acquire or build excellent capabilities in the inputs sector for the products that we deal in. Our agricultural input investments cover land, farming, livestock breeding, seeds, fertilizers and agrochemicals, herbicides, pesticides, farm equipment, and irrigation and farm management systems.
Logistics & handling Logistics and handling make up one of the most important segments in the SALIC value chain. Logistics include port terminals, warehouses, cold storage facilities and transportation (land and sea) for our products as well as infrastructure investments such as the construction of roads, rail, energy and water facilities to support the projects we invest in. Our logistics and handling facilities will be state-of-the-art, enabling efficiency in sourcing, storing, transporting and delivering products.
Trading​ SALIC’s trading activities will be primarily focused on buying and selling one or more of the nine priority products in the domestic, regional and global markets. As a trader, SALIC will source products from projects it has invested in as well as from external sources and open market..
Processing Agricultural processing is a key segment in SALIC’s post-harvest value chain.  Typically, processing activities result in achieving a higher yield of the finished products or making new products from the raw output or both.  These include – depending on the product – cleaning, sorting, grading, treating, drying or dehydrating, grinding and mixing, milling, canning packing and dressing (meat). SALIC will invest in small, medium and large processing facilities based on the need and potential for each product and the prospects offered by each host country.
Distribution In distribution, our focus is on building a strong global and domestic network that is equipped and enabled to supply grain, other dry bulk products and red meat.​