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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is SALIC?

    SALIC is the acronym for Saudi Agricultural & Livestock Investment Company (SALIC). SALIC was established in November 2011 with a paid-up capital of SAR 3 billion (US$800 million), and is headquartered in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.
  • Why did Saudi Arabia establish SALIC and what is the company’s mandate?

    Saudi Arabia established SALIC to contribute to food security in the country and worldwide by investing in agriculture and agribusiness. Food security is both a national challenge for Saudi Arabia (which relies heavily on food imports), and an international problem as the world experiences recurring food crises marked by high inflation and shortages. SALIC is empowered with a strong, broad and global mandate to invest in the entire agribusiness spectrum as dictated by its corporate strategy.
  • How will SALIC help in strengthening Saudi and global food security?

    SALIC will help address the challenge by securing long-term food supplies through its investments. Our strategic investments in land, seeds, fertilizers, equipment, technology, know-how, transportation, storage and innovation through research and development will help farming and agribusiness communities to increase production and stabilize supplies.
  • Who are the key shareholders of SALIC?

    Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) is the sole investor in SALIC.
  • Is SALIC investing in all agricultural products and all types of allied industries? For example, would SALIC invest in poultry farms, fish farms, banana and other fruit plantations?

    No, SALIC is investing in twelve priority products and their value chains as explained in the “Our Business” section of this website. SALIC may expand the list of its priority products for investments in the future.
  • Is SALIC open to investing in all countries around the world?

    SALIC’s investment destinations are led by our business and investment strategies and the twelve priority products vis-à-vis the host country’s strengths related to those products. However, we assess each investment proposal on its merit as long as the proposed project offers a strategic fit. Please refer to the “Our Business” and “Strategy” sections of this website.
  • Does SALIC have membership in any international body? If not membership, any other relationship? (Multilateral organizations, bilateral, UN/OECD/FAO/other)? Please provide a list below.

    SALIC is a member of the OECD Advisory Group on Responsible Business Conduct along Agricultural Supply Chains.
  • Who is the official spokesperson for SALIC?

    Eng. Sulaiman Al Rumaih – SALIC CEO Group