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Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision
A global leader in agricultural and livestock investment.


Our Mission

To initiate and develop responsible global agricultural investments based on a comprehensive value chains.


​​​​​​​Basic Values

Integrity, high ethical standards, honesty, transparency and accountability are considered integral parts of what we do at SALIC. Integrity with internal and external stakeholders enables SALIC to gain their confidence and respect.

Distinction and professionalism

As professionals we seek to achieve distinction through applying appropriate policies, best practices and advanced technology in our business and in supporting and strengthening relations with stakeholders.

Investment in human capital

Investing in human capital is a priority of SALIC and it is considered an integral part of SALIC’s strategy.

Health, safety, quality and environmental policies

Care for health, safety, quality and the environment are considered core to SALIC’s business, which means that common interests and cooperation have a priority in all of our activities. It also underlines our respect for partners, suppliers, diverse cultures and laws and regulations in the countries and communities in which we operate.