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SALIC (Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company) was established by Royal Decree No. M / 22 dated in 18/04/1430 AH corresponding to 04/14/2009 AD, as a Saudi joint stock company that is owned by the Public Investment Fund of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its statutes state that its activity is in the field of investments in agricultural and livestock production in countries that have a competitive advantage in contributing to the production of selected food goods and their availability for export markets.

As a specialist in the field of investments in agriculture and livestock production and supply, SALIC, which has operated since the year 2012, aims to engage in the full supply chain for selected agricultural and livestock goods worldwide.

As our investments aim to contribute to the provision of targeted food supplies, we intensify our efforts to implement this ambitious strategy by partnering with governments, companies and communities. At SALIC we are always keen to consider partnerships with local and global companies to share in opportunities in agricultural value chains.

SALIC has developed a clear strategy to determine its investment course, so that meets its objectives for economic, social and environmental sustainability. Guided by our company's strategy, our investment focus is not only on agriculture and livestock production, but extends to investments in supply, storage and handling, so that greater efficiency can be developed in delivery systems and security of supplies for all potential customers. The SALIC strategy focuses on nine product categories: wheat, barley, corn, soy bean, rice, sugar, vegetable oils, green fodder, red meat,
milk products, poultry and aquaculture.

SALIC manages its operations by deploying specialist know how of investments in agricultural and livestock facilities and supply chains, and seeks to achieve commercial success within the approved strategy of the company.