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CEO's Message
Welcome to SALIC, the Saudi A​gricultural and Livestock Investment Company.  
SALIC represents Saudi Arabia’s drive to invest in large-scale agribusiness projects in cooperation and partnership with governments, national and international companies, and communities. Our investments are designed to make SALIC a leading global agribusiness and a major supplier of food products.
Our aim is to improve food security in Saudi Arabia and across the world. We recognize that global agriculture and agribusiness will benefit immensely from new investment partnerships that will lead to improved productivity and efficiency across farming and the agribusiness value chain.
SALIC’s initial investment and business strategy focuses on nine key products that are essential to food security: wheat, barley, corn, soybean, rice, sugar, edible oil, green fodder and red meat. We are pursuing opportunities to invest profitably in countries that are surplus producers of these products and are open to foreign investment.  Our strategy is to invest across the spectrum for these nine products, ranging from land and farming to processing, logistics, infrastructure, trading and distribution, making a positive impact on productivity and supply chain efficiency.
After assessing and identifying the global investment opportunities in our sector, we have been actively engaged in exploring prospective business partnerships. Countries around the world have warmly welcomed our readiness to invest in improving food security; companies from around the world, including leading industry players, have expressed interest in partnering with us. We continue to welcome prospective projects and partners in the nine priority product segments. 
As a global investor, SALIC is fully committed to values of fairness and integrity. Sustainability, social responsibility and the principles of responsible investing are integral to our investment and business strategy. Our promise to the investee community is that we will work hard as an investor and partner to fulfill our sustainability and responsibility obligations without compromise. 
We are proud that sustainability is at the core of a historic Saudi initiative that is closely related to SALIC’s mission. The landmark decision to halt the long-standing subsidies for water-intensive wheat crops in our desert nation will go a long way in conserving our limited underground water resources. SALIC’s success will thus not just enhance food security, but  will help avert further depletion of our precious groundwater resources. 
​Abdullah Aldubaikhi,

 Content Editor